Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: This coming full moon on Saturday night is celebrated around world over as the Buddha’s birthday and as a symbol of his enlightenment. Seems to be perfect symbolism to have a full moon to commemorate full illumination.  Most places it’s called Wesak. However, as the moon settles into your sign, Scorpio, you may have a mini-“dark night of the soul,” where you might be thinking about your suffering or that of others and questioning if relief is possible or believable. This is where your will proves indomitable, because something in you finds the strength to go on. Where this strength comes from is only for you to contemplate and decide.


#Heartstrings: This week you might feel more like the picture of the dark, brooding Scorpio that everyone comes to expect before they get to know you.  You’re far less inclined to be chatty unless emotionally stirred up or annoyed.  If you’re in a relationship, you may want to plan some time to allow for long, deep conversations about life and love.  If you’re solo, then this may not be the best time to re-kindle or start a new relationship. You may come off at times as too aggressive and at other times too reserved.

#MoneyMoves: Although the week starts off with you riding high in your career department, it slows down enough for you to reflect, at the midpoint of your year (from your birthday, not Jan. 1) on how your year is going. Most likely you’ve made some dynamic strides that will soon culminate as the Sun hooks up with Jupiter next week, but revisit your goals to make sure they are, in fact, goals that you want and respect. The danger now is to go through the motions because that’s what’s…in motion. But you’re steering this ship and it will dock where you want it to go. Be sure you’re on course you desire.