Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: This week should feel important for you in a lot of ways. It headlines with the moon in your sign and then two planets deemed “rulers” of your sign—Mars and Pluto changing directions. Mars moves forward after three months of going retrograde and Pluto goes retrograde for five months.  Contrary to what you may have heard, Pluto is still very much a planet for astrologers. Astronomers demoted him. Pluto helps us deal with the stuff we think we control, but don’t.  Mars helps us deal with the stuff we can control.  You’ll see soon enough which is which. Take this shift for Mars and Pluto as a signal to get reacquainted with the serenity prayer.


#Heartstrings: When the moon journeys into your sign each month, it’s like a personal new moon. You can see that as a beginning of YOUR month.  This week Mars changes direction while chairing your friends/colleagues committee and Pluto retrogrades while working your communications hub.  It sounds like that you’re going to get clearer on who’s really in your corner and who you’ve been carrying around by habit or because you thought they were in your corner. Before you start create a story of intrigue and betrayal, let me tell you it’s not that deep.  You’re changing and some people just are not changing with you.  Figure out which ones are: get a sense, gently, of where they’re heading in their lives. You might even inspire them in the process of “investigating.”

#MoneyMoves: As Venus in Gemini settles into one of your more prominent money sectors, you may find that your mind is more on your money. She’s gonna be there until early August, so I wouldn’t get too tight about it. This is a major turn to leverage your money in “things” that reflect your values. Or put differently, does your money reflect the legacy of how you want people to think of you while you’re on Earth and when you’re gone?  If you spend your money on things that are short-term, like entertainment subscriptions, leased cars, etc, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not something that builds a fortune of memories OF you FOR others.  Be sure you’re thinking about both ways of using your money.