Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st

I know I'm catching you at a busy time, Scorpio, so I'll take a stab at brevity. Last week, we played "mirror, mirror on the wall" to look closer at your shadow side in other folks.  This week is a little tougher and entails you somehow embracing that shadow side in a positive way. Let's go back to the lying example I gave last time. You don't have to become a liar to embrace what lying has to teach. You might come to the realization that "truth" has nuances and you may have to release your rigid fixation on seeing it one way.  No doubt about it: this may be very threatening to you. You have never taken your dark side lightly, but between eclipses this may be exactly what you need to do—or, at least, with a lot less fear of it.  

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