Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: You’re acutely aware of things and feelings in the world that you can’t easily see around you, but can catch glimpses of, like heated air in a room. The key challenge for you, Scorp, is to see and feel those things as they most likely are rather than running off with only how you imagine them to be. Many times your imagination will veer toward the extreme and suspicious. This is when it’s best to counterbalance your intuitive perceptions with lessons from Joe Friday by sticking “just to the facts.” “Clues” are not substitutes for conclusions, so patiently build a case rather than rush off half-cocked.


#Heartstrings: It’s wonderful when elegance teams up with efficiency, like when design and function are on the same page. However, it’s not easy for that to happen and requires a lot of work.  Your relationships will demand your attentiveness to both elegance and efficiency, though you might feel compelled to be one or the other.  If you emphasize efficiency over elegance with close friends and family, you might draw some of the juiciness out of the relationships. You also might cut or turn some of the wrong people off.  If you get more into the elegance, then you may feel like you’re not getting the substance you crave.  So go for grace and sophistication, especially when under the pressure, like a swashbuckler. The elegance is part of the fun of the task, even if the task is not sword fighting and the communication is not banter.

#MoneyMoves: When my mom used to say to me as a little boy that she had to “rob Peter to pay Paul,” at first, it sounded like bad business that would only land her in jail or someplace difficult. (Never mind that I had no idea who Peter and Paul actually were.) Of course, I gathered (eventually) that she was speaking figuratively, but I think my gut instinct as a child was right-on. We all kind of borrow against ourselves (or some kind of credit—financial, energetic, mental, or social capital) to do what we gotta do. But we should never lose sight of the cost of things. With Venus retrograde for the next month and a half now, Scorpio, I want you to think carefully about how you might be robbing Peter to pay Paul.  How are your short-term solutions going to work in the long run? After all, in the moment, we only want to make sure “Paul” gets his money. However, in the long run, what’s going to happen when “Peter” discovers that we’ve been robbing him?