Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: I’m not trying to exonerate anybody’s religion here, but Western religions get blamed for “creating” a lot of stuff that’s probably been with the world for a long time as well, like guilt around pleasure. Who knows, perhaps even an ancient Scorpio invented it! I say that because, in general, Scorpios don’t always appreciate or trust the abundance of a benevolent cosmos; so they think benevolence has a cost and anything like benevolence or pleasure must be sacrificed. Be committed to your pleasure now, not your fear of the retribution for transgressing. Or indulging in things that you don’t find as pleasurable, but you do them to avoid deeper fears and insecurities. It’s usually not the activity that spoils things, but the intention.


#Heartstrings:   Sometimes the best way back to harmony or getting in alignment is by sacrifice or taking something off the table. To sacrifice something is to make it holy. Or to make it whole.  Despite your lustful reputation, the first impulse of many Scorpions I’ve known is to take sex off the table when they want to fix something or get things back in step. It’s not a bad impulse, just not a creative enough impulse for you.  If someone or something ain’t clicking right for you in the love department, affirm your desire, but consider sacrificing the primacy of certain other activities.  For instance, if you’re having communication challenges with special people via text, consider sacrificing the primacy of the convenience of text to actually call them up. You don’t have to stop communication altogether though.

#MoneyMoves: Last week, I talked about Peter robbing Paul, and when it comes to any kind of “capital”, I still see a similar kind of set up for you, Scorpio. This solar eclipse along with Venus retrograde happens at the “tribute” end of your table at the Zodiac Lounge.  With the Peter-Paul analogy, ultimately, you’re paying tribute to scarcity to negotiate toward maintaining, not abundance.  This week is a little more intense for revealing that.  Stop relying on band-aids, Scorpio, to get by or get over.  Where in your life are you not going for the gold with gusto?  Once you find that, then focus on it and start with a simple question: what will I have to do and what will I have to surface from deep within myself to get that? We’ll talk about next steps next week.