Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: Sometimes it takes a word, like it does for Rocky in Rocky II (Win!) Other times, it’s a thought that snaps loudly like a huge tree during a storm. But we all like the rather romantic notion that we can make the breakthroughs we need to make whenever we want.  Last week, it might have been the chilling discovery that making the sacrifices to become your “better” self isn’t just a matter of will as much as permission. And sometimes that permission may not be forthcoming or even possible to receive or get.  So whose permission are you waiting for? Rocky had his Adrienne. Who is yours? Find out and figure out how to get it or if you really can make do without it.


#Heartstrings:   Finding the right thing to sacrifice is one thing as you probably discovered last week, but making it happen can be a completely different thing.  It’s hard to give up habits, especially when the reasons to do so don’t seem compelling enough. Heck, people have a hard time giving up habits when there are compelling reasons, lung cancer patients who refuse to give up smoking. So now comes the hard part of changing a dynamic with certain friends or loved ones, because it’s not working with either one of you. Why change right?  Here’s a good reason:  if you defer your pleasure for pain that may or may not become pleasure down the road, what happens once you’ve reached the end of the road and you’re still holding on to pain?  Deferring your pleasure as refusal to make the changes you have to make sounds crazy.  Be sane.

#MoneyMoves: Despite the mythic and epic ascriptions of ruthless determination and fierceness of Scorpio, the truth is that y’all thrive more on the dynamic of connection than you would care to admit.  As much as Scorpio deals with fighting the good fight within and without, the parameters of that fight are determined by the people around you. Most likely you’ve endowed the significant people around you with some special role for keeping your life on track, like you have your “wise counselor,” your “clown,” etc.  If you had your own epic quest, like “The Lord of the Rings,” who would you go to for help or direction? What traits does that person possess that makes him or her indispensable in going for the gold in their own lives or helping you do the same with yours? Find that and work on embodying those traits within yourself.