Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

People always ask me whether I think astrology is an art or a science.  I tend to think more an art because the exactness of astrology isn’t always based on “nailing” a predictable world, but a more meaningful or relatable one. Don’t try to nail too much this week, Scorpio. Let the world be more like the canvas of your mind that’s used for dreams. Our dreams love to take disparate parts of our day or lives and hurl them together to create new meanings and possibilities in our lives. Sometimes those mind murals are prophetic; other times, they’re profound; and other times, they’re just playful. If you struggle too hard to make a mental mural one way, like a science, your own mind will likely defy you.  Be fluid with your impressions and put your whole self into flowing those impressions into your life. Can’t hurt to have more prophetic, profound or playful moments.

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