Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

#MeTime: You give a lot of attention to the subtle motion of things, whether that’s the twitches in someone’s face, the arrival and exit times of people in your office or the almost imperceptible shift someone makes in their chair as they talk about a family member.  The hard part is figuring out the significance of what you see and whether that info becomes useful or not. This week you may notice a lot more than usual, but be extra careful in how you think to use it.  It won’t be because you’re wrong, per se, as much as you’re more responsible for what happens with what you know if you’re right. If you use your perceptions to persuade someone to do something that you want more than they do, then you better be sure that it’s something that works best for all involved and not just a short term selfish shell game with you as the sole benefactor.


#Heartstrings: After a year, Jupiter will finally be leaving Taurus, your partnership sign, this week. It’s a time to think about what key lessons of partnership that the Cosmos has been sending your way, whether you’re in one or not. I’m pretty sure the key lesson has been one that’s been how to embody more of what you desire in yourself rather than focusing on what’s “in” others.  You can be the sexiness that you want to possess.  Sometimes in your rush to “acquire” Scorpio, you can forget to fully savor or appreciate. Jupiter’s parting lessons are likely to get you to find ways to appreciate your partner with your whole self, if you’re matched up. No matter what appears to go wrong or be less than perfect, stay present with things as they are, not as you think they should be or could have been.

#MoneyMoves: As Jupiter passes into Gemini now for the next year, you’ll be working with learning the intrinsic value of things, situations and people. This may be a key time when you’re thinking about having things appraised in your life and thinking a lot about how to enhance your value or wealth.  There is a danger here for you, too, now. You may become so fascinated with how things so quickly change value that you could forget that some things are priceless or aren’t for sale. This is an excellent time to check in how pay honor and tribute to what makes your life worth living and figure out the work necessary to add more value to that.  If last year taught you how to broaden your inner and outer reach and to lighten your touch, then this year is all about how to tighten your grasp without crushing what’s in your hand.