Scorpio [Oct 22nd to Nov 21st]

#MeTime: Mr./Mrs. Scorpio, it’s time to take a closer look at your habits and how you’ve allowed efficiency and your laser-like focus on what’s essential  cloud your judgment. I know that seems to go against what apparently most spiritual teachings are about, but the truth is that there are more spiritual traditions that encourage us to discover Spirit in the most mundane of things than those that encourage us to wholly abandon “the world” for what is essential. With all this Gemini energy now, you may feel as if there’s too much energy devoted to topical, non-essential BS.  But part of the art of living is appreciating the mundane and the busy while staying attuned to spiritual depths.  How you do that is up to your own spiritual practice and mindset. However, it can be done without sacrificing the ephemeral for the essential.


#Heartstrings: Mercury’s side-eye stroganoff with Saturn is likely to put a damper on some of your relationships, including ramping up your sarcasm and your concise and incisive wit.  So why do the thing that puts a damper on your relationships? If I were an astro-cynic, I would say it’s because…you’re a Scorpio, putatively a creature known for self-destructive tendencies.  But I’m not.  Fixed signs, like yours, don’t like “free agents” of consciousness floating about, in either the “subconscious” or in your conscious life. So if there’s something you hear, in your mind or with your ears, that doesn’t quite gel with you or make sense, then your first impulse is to put it down—by any means necessary.  Let me invite you to curb that impulse, especially when dealing with others.  Let me instead encourage you to risk looking foolish and ask someone to explain something that you can’t quite process or that’s useless noise.  Or you could ignore it.  I know that’s easier said than done. However you choose to engage “free agent” thoughts is up to you, but it’s more important that you resist the impulse to cut them (and the people who have them) down to size.

#MoneyMoves: One “free agent thought” that may be swimming along in the back of your mind is the sense that you hear cultural and collective metaphorical “thunder” in the distance and you may have trouble figuring out how you may handle it.  Uranus and Pluto square off this week and it may feel like a cultural & social earthquake over the next few weeks.  It’s a call for renewal on a fundamental level, and you may find yourself struggling to find your place in all of that.  You’re not going to find it by worrying or going into survivor mode, thinking the worst.  It may not be the best of times, in the big picture, but you best believe that you’re a lot more equipped to get tough when the going gets rough than you might even realize.