Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

#MeTime: As a child of Mars, the god of war, Scorpio represents the battle site where Mars wages the war within or apparently even against ourselves to become our best or higher self. In popular culture, this is most evident in many stories where the hero has to battle some version of himself, like Superman vs. Bizarro, Luke Skywalker vs. the impostor of himself/father in a cave, or Neo vs. Mr. Smith in The Matrix: Revolutions. With four planets and a few eclipses in the sign of the Twins in the last and next 30 days, you have to be mindful of the ways that you’re functioning as your own worst enemy. The battle within is how we engage and challenge our fears and blocks, playing to our strengths.  The battle against ourselves is how we submit to our fears and blocks, shielding our weaknesses first. Fight on the right battlefield, Scorpio.


#Heartstrings: The friction between Mars and Venus in the night sky might mirror both the internal and external friction you’re experiencing. Though these “frictions” play out very differently in their respective spheres, they both highlight the need to experience the power of attraction in a more creative way than you have been. It doesn’t matter what gender or sex you are, Mars plays out in our psyches as the force that penetrates and Venus as the force that bonds. Internally, these two may manifest as a lust that must become love, risking being emotionally penetrated and physically bonded (not one without the other.) Externally, it’s the loose hold rather than the tight grab, like how you might hold an eating utensil. The more flexibility and grace you allow in your relationship, the more you can enjoy the experience rather than shoveling or barreling through it.

#MoneyMoves: One of the key symbols for Scorpio is the underworld, where both riches and the souls of the dead are. This is why many astrologers look to Pluto as one of the patrons of your sign, as he’s the lord of the underworld. With all this Gemini activity lately, I was reminded of something recently at an astrology conference I attended last week. Mercury, the patron of Gemini, is the only planet that can go to Pluto’s realm, the underworld, our world and the heavenly realms.  So all this Mercury and Gemini energy signals a time when you can gain greater perspective on what’s below that needs to rise up from the dead so to speak.  This includes resuscitating some not-so-old ideas that need more tuning than entombing. You’ll see some of these ideas get clearer and stronger in late July and up to late August.