Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: Truth be told, there’s really a delicate difference between being “in the zone” and “being zoned out.” You may find yourself dancing along that delicate line this week.  You’re most likely “zoned out” if your ability and interest in adapting to the world around you has bottomed out.  It’s nothing but pure IDGAF about anything except what IGAF about. You don’t want to be there. Stay “in the zone” instead. When you’re there, you’ll know because you notice everything, but you focus and adapt to what’s important in the moment. You’ll tend to the other things you notice when and if the moment requires it.  Notice the delicate difference. One “zone” is all about serving your indulgences and another one is about serving the moment.


#Heartstrings: In the night sky, your patron planet, Mars, gets in a two-way fight with Pluto and Uranus this week. On the ground that looks like you struggle to be diplomatic with your peeps about stuff, but you can’t help but suspect that there’s some underlying motive that’s not on the table. So it seems reasonable to “attack” second since you tried to be nice first. If that stratagem sounds wack to you, then there’s hope to salvage your week.  People might have underlying motives, but they can’t be responsible for your suspicions of them, even if you’re 100% right.  You can only be responsible for your actions and what you make 100% clear as your truth. Focus on that…first. If you don’t like doing something, then make your objection about that, not what you think the other person may or may not be doing.  Of course, there’s a way to be diplomatic about that. But if you use diplomacy as really a shield for espionage then it’s you who started a “Cold War.”

#MoneyMoves: In his too short book, Free Will, skeptic and humanist Sam Harris states that one of the problems with the concept of “free will” is that no one can will where their thoughts come from. (So how “free” is it?)  I will have to agree with him there. (And yes, I hope you’re enjoying the irony of quoting an avowed anti-astrology proponent in a horoscope column.) I disagree on where these thoughts may actually come from, however. Perhaps some of your ancestors are feeding you ideas now. Or they could be divinely inspired. It really doesn’t matter whether they’re earth-shaking, money-making or rump-chasing ideas, though. The key issue is: are you listening?