Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime: Another aspect of the warrior you may need to watch out for now is the saboteur.  The saboteur is that part of yourself that sabotages your best intentions with his or her own worst efforts.  As Mars goes into Libra, he sits at that part of your table at the Zodiac Lounge that’s hard to see, like behind a pillar, tapping into your own fears and frustrations while all the time attempting to play “nice.”  You thrive more on pondering things rather than putting things together as Mars likes to do.  It could be that you saw dimensions of yourself surfacing last week that you’re not quite ready to face or accept.


#Heartstrings: After six months of Mars in Virgo, you’re probably ready for a change. But I’m pretty certain that Mars in Libra is not the change you’re seeking.  Relationships with certain people could come to feel like a low-grade migraine that never completely goes away because somehow they get you feeling tight.  It’s best to rock your vulnerability out in the open rather than fretting too much about how you’re going to conceal it.  The more you try to defer, hide, deny, or tip-toe around it, you’re bound to get in a fight with a significant other. It’s the pink elephant in the living room, so don’t reach for the neon orange paint. Throw down some hay.

#MoneyMoves: If your finances looked dicey or sketchy last week, there should be some relief or at least a clearer perspective on it all this week. When planets go out of retrograde, it takes a little while to feel like you can “trust” them again. Venus in Gemini may seem too flighty for you to trust with your financial health, but she really will teach you the beauty of diversifying your investments and how to restructure your debts.  But she has a round about way of getting to things; so don’t fret if you’re thinking about your money in multiple directions all at once.