Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

One of the personal, lasting images of the “intensity” of Scorpio that I have comes from images of the Shiva.  Shiva, as the principle of the destroyer, annihilates the ego, or who you think you are.  Okay, that sounds like a lifelong enterprise. But this week you could get a nice-sized chunk chipped away.  If that sounds scary or uncomfortable, then you probably have a lot invested in protecting a sense of yourself that probably needs to recede some.  If you have always prided yourself on your smarts, good looks, independence or wealth, then you may come face to face with a situation where whatever gasses you up runs out of gas.  That situation may not feel good, but it’s all a cosmic love poke for you to remember the true source for any and all of it.  That’s more of your higher and divine self.

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