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Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

If you’re tempted this week to ask, “Why me?” let me tell you why you. (Of course, I’m saying this in the most general of terms, since I’m talking to all those born under this sign, in some form or fashion and not just any one person.)  Mostly, it’s “you,” because you can handle it. You can see the shiny priceless diamond in the lump of coal. You can sow turds and reap stars.  Don’t be dismayed by setbacks, sit-ins, sit-outs or just plain old orneriness of folks who have way too much time on their hands and can only pose as a detour to your delight.  This is when you have to have heart, literally, and trust your conscience and conviction.  It’s your ability to see through darkness toward the light that’s most outstanding about you. I don’t say that to boost your ego. I say it to answer, “Why me?”

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