Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime:  When Venus strolls into Cancer this week, she’s going to be spending over a month in the New Horizons area of the Zodiac Lounge. This could be an excellent time to take or plan a trip abroad. Or to find new ways to think globally and how you fit into global culture. So either new varieties of people may find their way into your circle or you may find yourself attracted to venturing into different cuisines, philosophical interests, artistic tastes or interesting encounters with foreigners.


#Heartstrings: Toward the middle of the week, when the moon goes into your relationship/opposite sign, Taurus, you may feel a bit torn in your loyalties toward work demands versus obligations you may have with the people who have more practice tugging at your heartstrings.  This week, though, work might take more precedence and you may find it hard to be fully present with those who want more of your attention.  This is when it would be helpful to voice your desire to go for the “gold,” so to speak with those important to you. People can understand drive when expressed, but do worse when they’re “driven” away without explanation.  And we all know that you’re not always the best at explaining, Scorpio. <_<

#MoneyMoves: Mercury finally moves forward in “golden” Leo on his day, Wednesday. (Sidebar:  Every day of the week relates to a planet. It’s clearer in the Romance languages. In Spanish, for example, Wednesday is Miercoles or Mercury’s day. Now back to our regularly scheduled horoscope.) Leo is the crowning Career area of the Zodiac Lounge for you.  So your mind is on glory and getting some. I’m actually glad that there’s a slower moving moon in Taurus this week to slow your roll some.  Don’t get too excited and go for too much. A Mercury that’s just turned direct is a wobbly one, even though this Mercury is all shiny in Leo.  Don’t put more hype into anything that you haven’t fully swung your hips into.