Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)

You’re a bit closer to figuring out what’s been eating at you on the inside the last few weeks. You’ve put a lot of scrutiny on different areas of your life, as you’re prone to do. Last week, we talked about the scrutiny you’re placing on friends and close ones in your life. You’re still on that task this week, but toward the bottom of the week it’s going to be more about unprocessed fears that prompt you feeling unsettled and antsy. This is when you have to be attentive to what your mind dwells on which you’re not paying attention, like daydreams, dreams or what you’re doodling during that weekly staff meeting. Pay more attention to the feeling you have from dreams, like feeling lonely or desolate, rather than the imagery or fear generated by the dream. Fear often comes bearing deeper messages rather than just delivering the emotion itself.

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