Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
I’m no big fan of the ongoing legends about your sexual freakiness. It’s not because they’re never true. Truth is these stories are comparably so much a smaller part of who you really are. I guess that’s mostly what happens with legends: one small fact becomes the fattest, juiciest part of a fable. This may be one of those weeks where you could give people good reason to believe such fables in the first place. Your patron, Mars, gets it on hot and heavy with Venus in the ebony sky this week, and that could amp up things for you on the libido front. (After all, what did you think would happen with all that energy from battling “monsters” for weeks on end?) However, you also could channel that energy into some other kind of physical work, but you may still ooze with sexiness. Some might kill for that though. #JustSayin

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