Scorpio (October 22nd to November 21st)
If there’s any sign of the Zodiac that’s a rugged adventurer of the psyche, it’s got to be you. You’ll bravely go into the dark, uncharted areas of your soul to know what’s truly there. Sometimes you find friendly “natives,” aspects of your deepest self that you didn’t know were as honest or as clear as they turn out to be. And sometimes you find “monsters.” This is one of the weeks when you’ll have to face a “monster” that lurks within. You are NOT the monster, and that’s where you’re bound to get it skewed. (You have to watch when you skew your perceptions to match what you fear. That’s how you become what my astrologer wife & I call a “Skewpio.”) The “monster” is a part of your psyche that hasn’t gotten enough attention, has been starved, so it mutated into something to survive. So when you face it this week, let that be among your first thoughts. We’ll talk next steps next week.

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