Now that Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, has gotten back into gear in your sign, you can expect that some of the growth and expansion that you experienced earlier last year.  You probably are experiencing the most growth in “me” time, relationships, your understanding of finances and/or with your social calendar.  This is big news as Jupiter’s push into these sectors of your life knock you out of your comfort zone. And we know you don’t like to be too far out of your comfort zone.  And we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  You keep a lot close to your chest, Taurus, and there’s probably more happening beneath the surface than usual.  In the 2012 night sky, Uranus will be having major beef with Pluto, the planet of depth and control and a lot of that tension you’re going to experience at subconscious levels.  That means keeping a careful eye on the things that can sneak up on you when you’re not looking, like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight, rage, or clutter. So even though you’re making big moves, you may feel a bit frustrated that they’re not deep enough or grand enough.  In fact, there may be a few times when you may feel like you’re losing ground, like in late spring and mid-fall.  They’re only temporary setbacks, for sure. As Jupiter goes into Gemini in June and launches into your money-making area of your life, you can expect that your year-long push out of your comfort zone will start to pay off in either higher self-esteem or actual material worth.  This year is scaffolding for more intense building and development in 2013.  Fortunately, the wind is at your back this year, so it’s okay to push yourself a little more without feeling like you’d be overdoing it.


Yassss!  Jupiter stopped spinning his wheels and finally went in forward motion the day after Christmas, so you can stop feeling like a stalled train. Although you probably didn’t feel too stuck as much as you missed some of the momentum you had in the late summer.  Now it comes back in spades, so go hard! But first things first: clear away any habits, practices or people who may be energy drains for you. An example of a draining practice would be solving problems that aren’t really problems like finding the absolute best way to store and organize paperclips in your desk drawer.  You’re not in a holding pattern any more.  Charge! At whatever it is.  As the season wears on, you’ll increasingly feel like you have your swagger back and have found your stride just before spring starts.


With Jupiter and Venus sashaying together in your sign, you’re feeling like you can rest on your laurels a bit.  But only a bit, okay? You’ll need this enthusiasm to tackle some tedious tasks related to work that you’d wish were finished already.  You may also need the good vibes to steady your nerves as you deal with people in a group dynamic, like any organizations you’re in or a crew of friends.  It’s not that you may have open conflicts with folks as much as you’re likely to find yourself as the steady, grounded person in the group. Others may want to charge with too much zeal into things and you’re more likely to be a voice of reason.  Your heartstrings are fairly tender now, though. If a partner (potential or current) wants you to commit to something you’re not certain will work, trust your instincts. You’re likely right, especially in early part of the season.


Although Taureans are frequently hailed for their considerable skills in finance, fine art/cuisine and other cultural things, you will be demonstrating the lesser known Taurean ability to network.  You’re a doer, most of the time, and this season highlights how you need to keep up with other folks to get things done.  This might include being a little more social than usual.  This could put a strain on work/home responsibilities and your finances, but fortunately that’s more toward the top of the summer rather than the whole season.  The balance of the season will be a good time to follow up on unfinished business, including romance, that you couldn’t completely get into during the spring.


The top part of the Fall could find you particularly busy putting out drama fires that pop up in your routines, either at work, home or between the two. Fortunately, the drama doesn’t stick, but disruptions to your routines can get you riled up.  So plan out some ways to chill that won’t leave you too lax (or taxed) to carry on. As the season draws out, you may feel more of the inner tensions you felt last fall, but perhaps they’re a little more intense.  For starters, you might feel hornier as Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Leo get hot and heavy under a sheet of night sky.  So you’re definitely putting  in your bid for an early winter bed warmer if you don’t have one already.  However, later on as Saturn occupies Scorpio, the sign opposite to yours, you may start to feel winter’s emotional chill before the season’s cold snap comes in.  You’ll have to find more disciplined ways to support your dreams that won’t always feel easy, but they will definitely be more secure.

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