Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Just because you feel stuck doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable. Like the adage says, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” I know you don’t want to hear any of that mess, especially at the start of a new year, but I’m reminding you to keep your spirits up and don’t get distracted if you slide into some mud.

#Heartstrings: Pay careful attention to the new and old people who appear in your life at this time, especially after the 10th. Some will come bearing massages, either to stroke your ego or body. Others will come bearing messages, so be sure you’re listening. These may not stroke your ego, however. Be prepared to hear some tough truths.

#MoneyMoves:  The only thing that sucks more than having your back tire caught in a snow drift is watching someone try to get out of it for over five minutes without getting out his or her car to shovel or push it out.  Considering the season, you might see lots of this. This is a metaphor for what might be happening with your career. Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting new results. Be sane, Taurus.

Samuel F. Reynolds is a NYC-based astrologer. His personal consultations have been described as “healing” and “brilliantly insightful.” He’s offering special, recorded 1-hour consultations for $75 for Ebony.com readers. For more info, visit return2thesource.com, write [email protected] or follow on twitter at @sfreynolds.