Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Every now and again, Toro, you just have to get off the reservation, you know what I mean? The top of the month may be one of those times. Of course, your accomplishing that is not likely to be cinematic, but it will keep things fresh. So…order the Mocha Frappuccino with skim instead of full (…or something like that.)

#Heartstrings: You’re ready to switch things up some with relationships. Although sudden and big changes are unusual for you, the frustration’s been building for a while. Be sure your shifts are not too big or with too much force around the 23rd. Open up a little bit and find ways to release your stress slowly rather than in a grand nuclear cloud.

#MoneyMoves:  As Mercury retrogrades at the top of the month, keep a careful lookout for hidden fees and other “subtle” charges. It’s not likely to be a lot of money, but small things add up. At the end of the month, think twice about any big expenses, especially if you can hold off until the start of next month.

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