Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
The cosmos has a funny way of drawing us out ourselves, even seasonally. For you, this is bound to happen during the yearly “reign” of your opposite sign, Scorpio. I’ve been talking about you going into the “labyrinths” of your psyche to fight your own personal Minotaurs for over a month. Now is the time to be in the light of day, cop-ing with the truth of your feelings in real time and most likely with a significant other…or the palpable absence of one. You may not feel ready or maybe you just feel like finding a comfortable place to take a nap.  But that’s the thing to learn most during this time: the Cosmos can’t always run on your timetable. So when you’re pushed to show what you’ve got or do what you gotta do, you can shut down (as you’re prone to do) or breathe and launch into it without holding back.

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