Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

If you were wise enough to keep one of the key Crap commandments last week, Thou Shalt Not BS Thyself, then this week could have you ready to catch the run-away horse running down your metaphorical cobblestone street. If you BS’d your-self and let yourself get lost in your own A-1 BS sauce, then you’re either going to have to jump on that runaway coach or get out the way and watch stuff get messed up.  (No idea why I’m all pre-automobile imagery on you, but I’m rolling with it.)  The deeper lesson is that a little proactivity goes a lot farther than a lot of energy in the moment you saw coming.  There’s a lot of energy available this week since both Mercury and Mars are all charged up with Uranus. But energy unspent doesn’t nec-essarily get wasted; it can become unpredictable and we all know how you hate that.  

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