Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)


#MeTime: With Jupiter, the Big Daddy Grace of planets, going full throttle in your sign, you may feel a lot more amped than your usual cool, calm self.  Nobody’s hatin’ on that, but here’s where you could come across some problems. When life’s in parade mode, everything fallin’ looks like confetti and ticker tape.  You could miss the early drops of rain falling too.  Pay attention to the details now, especially with how you spell out things to people. You may have the best of intentions when speaking to someone and be in the most positive of moods; but take a moment to really take stock of where someone is and how you could be aptly encouraging rather than flippantly condescending or careless.

#Heartstrings:  No one usually has to tell you to slow down, but you feel more revved up than usual, especially on the romantic & social networking tip. So slow down if you feel like you’re being a little too greedy or demanding of people’s time. Chances are that you are.  Here are some of the best ways to use the Venus-Mars tango dance happening this week: revisit an old romantic haunt with a current love; be prepared to catch a spark perhaps from a former partner; or check out an event or social meeting that you’ve visited in the past as it may show you the way to a new path or connection.

#MoneyMoves:  With Jupiter grazing deeper into your sign, you definitely feel emboldened to charge ahead like the bull you are with plans and ideas that you had set up last year.  But don’t start writing checks with your mouth (or your hands) that your butt or bank can’t cash.  Slow and steady is what usually wins the race for you, and it’s with good reason that haste makes waste for you.  This is definitely the time when you may feel like you’re really overextending yourself.  Don’t confuse feelin’ good with feeling invincible. Savor each moment as a victory, not as a breadcrumb to bigger and bigger loaves of goodness. That’ll come in its own sweet time.