Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Bulls don’t retreat. They rest. Actually rest is something that can come easy to a Taurean unless you feel like you have to quit something.  Then there can be a lot of stubbornness.  Don’t get caught up with that now.  It’s not good for you as you may get too caught up with obsessing about a project or a person, when it would be best to step aside.  No one wins when you get too caught up more with being right when rest would be so much better.


#Heartstrings:  The week may start with you being caught up with damage control, attempting to stanch the flow of crazy you had last week when you might have shirked on some responsibilities at the crib or at work.  You’re lucky that most people find you sweet, so you’ll be able to ply your normal charm and fine social graces to smooth things out.  If you feel like you have the need for penance (though you certainly don’t need to), then you might consider visiting or chatting up a friend who could use some of your good cheer or some inspiration.

#MoneyMoves:  Mercury, the planet that manages your money sign, Gemini, is heading for a minor meltdown this week, with Neptune, who I dub as an illusionist in residence. So expect some minor funny business with your money or perhaps with some of your money plans. You particularly want to be clear about any dealings you may have with friends and money.  It’s alright to feel paid now, but don’t let feelin’ good get you played.  Get clear on details, if you’re going to lend money.