Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Although work may seem like a buzz kill at the top of the week, by the end of the week, you may be surprised by the level of ease you have with things that seemed really difficult the week before. This allows you to put a little more effort into planning a fun weekend.  You may feel more in full on “Don’t disturb this groove” mode as the week grows long, so don’t procrastinate too much at the top of the week.  You might also look into personality and skills evaluation programs and tests now, like Strengthfinders 2.0 or the Myers-Briggs test, to get a better sense of whether you’re properly directing your energies in your work and recreation life. Now is the time to figure out if you’re giving the world your best gifts as I suspect you’re not.


#Heartstrings:  Although this is a general romantic time for partners and courting, you may find that your friends draw more of your attention now. Perhaps a few need your help now or you just feel like you can dissolve into your own comfort zone with them—without pretense or fear of disappointment.   If a lover or potential recently served you a cold dish of disappointment, then ya gotta also take a look at what expectations you carried in with you before you got hurt.  We have to pay attention to the times when we know the tank is running on “E,” but we still think we can get on the thruway with no problems.  To quote a friend of mine, “Hope is not a strategy.”

#MoneyMoves: In his book, Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that the immense success of a group of people could be because they are “are people who are talented and work hard but who also benefit from the weird and largely unexamined and peculiar ways in which their world is organized.” I can’t hate on that because I know that’s true for you right now.  Perhaps there’s a quirk in your industry that’s been an annoyance, but if you thought about it differently, you might realize now that it’s a boon. If you’re feeling on the outside at work, focus on using your unique talents to get more on the inside. You can do it without being a brownnoser or compromising your integrity.