Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime:  With the moon in your sign, the week starts off with you feeling good. Perhaps you feel a lil too good because you might have trouble motivating yourself to do much besides, um, feel good.  Fortunately the new moon inspires you to be comfortable enough to set your eyes on making things even mo’ better, especially with your diet and fitness goals.  Funny how that works.  Of course, if you’ve been on your grind, then this is the time when you have to rock outta your plateau.  The body responds to what shocks it, like a new part of your exercise regimen.  It’s true for other parts of you too, if you’ve lulled yourself into a comfort puddle.


#Heartstrings: While talking or steering a friend through some drama-trauma, you might come across some unresolved feelings of your own with a different or possibly even similar issue. This could prompt you to “cash” out certain obligations for the week or from feeling like you gotta be somebody’s vocal cheerleader (when you don’t feel up to it). You might do better with sharing more physical expressions of your emotions—from a massage, to a bear hug, or cooking a soothing meal.  Or doing something active (use your imagination here) with them may be more eloquent than words now.

#MoneyMoves: We are officially within what’s called the “Shadow of Mercury Retrograde.” I know it sounds scary, but it only means that we’re about a week from Mercury going retrograde. Mercury is the godfather of your money sign, Gemini. This means that you gotta create a cushion or some reserves with your stash because Mercury’s gonna have some jokes in a few weeks.  You can get a jump on potential problems like making sure your automatic payments or deposits are straight or that your slush funds got enough slush.