Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)
If you started something new last week, at the new moon, the pressure’s on now to keep your momentum and stay out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, it may be harder to do that in the middle of the week when the comfort-loving moon settles snugly in your sign. To add insult to injury, Mercury starts his retrograde on Thurs-day, meaning it appears to be moving backward, from the Earth’s perspective. In turn, your schedule may feel a bit off in ways that require extra energy and adjust-ment. With Mercury, people will readily have to adjust to mess-ups in transporta-tion or communication. You, dear Bull, may feel this Mercurial shift most acutely with friends, colleagues or in groups.  So, for example, watch those group emails or listservs, especially when you mean to reply to one person with something snarky and press “reply all.” D’oh!

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