Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

Networking, friends and group dynamics, in general, prove to be the areas where you can improve your personal fortunes and where you also bring a good amount of cheer and tangible support to others.  Don't get too annoyed or distracted by friction or “haters” at the top of the week. Keep on keepin’ on as you do and you’ll start to see results and softening from them by next week. The key, though, is how you do the “keepin’ on” part.  You have to listen, Taurus, even if you don’t agree. There’s some valuable gold in doing that, because being “seen” or “heard” is what allows the other person to soften.  This is true with your boo or potential ones too. No one wants to feel steamrolled in the name of “progress.” Build a crew, not a crash point.

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