Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime:  If you’re into baseball, you’ve probably heard about the sweetspot on a bat.  If not, it’s the best place to hit a ball with a bat.  You’re entering the sweet spot of something we astrologers call a Grand Trine between Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Venus.  You can hit the ball of your desires with optimal force now, but only if you’re really ready and able to swing.  Stay focused so you’re not swinging at strike balls. You especially don’t want to rest on your laurels or rely solely on somebody else’s congratulations or definition of success. Stick to your own, and you’ll be soaring for sure.


#Heartstrings: Let me update Newtonian physics a bit: a romance at rest stays at rest and a romance in motion stays in motion. You’ll be tempted to chill and let sleeping dogs lie in the love department, and I gotta say that I think you’re making a mistake. Chillin’ now would be like having a souped-up Ferrari on cruise control on the Autobahn.  So live a little, Taurus, and take a risk with your relationship that embraces the confidence and generosity of spirit that you have now. It could be going to game you’d never go to or the concert of your date’s favorite artist (but not yours).  Or take a chance on initiating a an enCounter, if you’re unattached

#MoneyMoves: The 4-planet Grand Trine line up I’ve been talking about with you is a golden opportunity to pick up your usual pace and go for the gusto.  You can picture it as if wind has stormed into your sails and you have the swag to snag what you want. On the flip side, there’s the danger you could come off too strong, so keep a “bottle” of diplomacy around. Adding a little honey with your demands requests will make them a lot more palatable without someone feeling you’ve vanquished them.