Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

#MeTime:  Okay, here’s another sports analogy, this time from boxing. (I don’t know why y’all gettin’ hit with the sports trivia, but it seems to say what I gotta say.) Anyway, sometimes you get in a boxing bout that’s just yours to lose: all you gotta do is stay off the ropes; stick and move; and make your opponent work to catch you, instead of you chasin’.  You’re in that phase, Taurus.  Last week’s grand chorus has given you a respite to catch your breath, rest on your laurels and keep the cruise control on a lil while longer. So don’t throw yourself outta whack by attempting to do a lot of extra.


#Heartstrings: Taurus is one of four fixed signs of the Zodiac.  Most people describe the “fixed” signs as stubborn. Well, it’s also a sign that deals with “maintenance.” Around my way, a suitable response when someone asks about you is to say, “maintainin’” There’s a great part of doing that with relationships and there’s a sucky part too. The great part is tending to important relationships so that they maintain the levels of feeling and excellence that they can be. This is what you do by calling up friends out of the blue or making dates to catch up. It sucks, though, when maintainin’ is just doing the least to keep up with the least.  Doing even just a little bit to maintain excellence in your important relationships now, Taurus, would do so much.  Don’t go for the okey-doke.

#MoneyMoves: The puritans would say that “idleness is the devil’s workshop.” I might modify that to say that boredom can be too. The danger about boredom, though, is that you could be working damn hard while bored.  The excitement of the 4-planet grand chorus from last week might have given you a boost, but now you may long for what’s next or feel bored toward the end of the week with what’s in motion.  First off, check in to see if you’re bored with your job or recent accomplishments, if you’re not sure. One way to find out quickly is to observe how you tell a stranger or announce to a group of people, like on a social networking site, about some development on your job. If you don’t feel any excitement or spark, you’re bored and in mindless grazing mode. Time to switch something up.