Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: The week kicks off with no less than three planets in your sign: Moon, Venus and Jupiter. It should look pretty in the night sky if you can see it. But the best part of that trifecta is how it should feel—and it should feel good.  The one thing that might be stressful is that the world might be a bit on spring overdrive now that the Sun has gone into Aries.  You, on the other hand, might move at your own pace doing you and loving it. It’s an excellent time to do what you find luxurious and even a little decadent.  Just don’t take the joke too far—or all week.


#Heartstrings: It’s awesome that the week opens with the moon in Taurus for you.  In classical astrology, when the moon is in your sign, it’s considered exalted or given VIP status. For you, it means that you want to reap the benefit of enjoying the good life, including good times, good vibes, good sex, and good food as much as possible. If you’re single, then it’s all good as you get to enjoy yourself while being you. It also bodes a bit of a chance for some flirtatious vibes from someone else. If you’re boo’d up though, you better check in to make sure that your +1 is still on the plus side. Don’t take ‘em for granted and be sure to include them as much as you can in the goodness.  So cut your self-indulgence by half and you’ll still have a lot more than most.

#MoneyMoves: Mercury, the planetary watchdog for your money sector of the Zodiac Lounge, is still spinning backwards at the top of the week. While he’s on his grind back in Pisces, this is your time to catch up with friends, associates, and colleagues who could direct you toward some leads, insights, or assistance with work. It’s also not a bad time to donate some of your good feelings (or good fortune/time) to your favorite charity or cause.