Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

#MeTime:  With Venus, your patron planet, coming home to roost in your sign, you definitely may feel more like a lover than a fighter.  In the Yoruba tradition of Nigeria, Oshun is the goddess most like Venus.  What makes Oshun “sweet,” like the honey she loves, is the way she cares for herself, how she sensually pleases herself.  She is naturally magnetic.  I hope you’re ready to receive her lessons. Don’t try to be anything or struggle to make something happen; just be and enjoy that.  As Rumi says, “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Take your time and allow yourself to sink into the good stuff.


#Heartstrings: It’s cool that Venus is coming home and all, but the road to pleasure this week has a lot of possible twists and turns to it.  At one turn, you could get so caught up in your own pleasure that you lose sight of someone you may want to please as well. The other twist is that you get so caught up in going for yours that you overdo it. “Too much of a good thing ain’t good for ya,” as granny used to say. The other turn is that you become too caught up in someone else’s pleasure. That’s when I think a Madonna quote is on point, “Poor is the man (or woman) whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.”  The balance point is to let your pleasure be to share what you enjoy with another and be sure you’re enjoying that together.

#MoneyMoves: Whether you’re loaded or living life with loads of loans, you might feel like you got money burning a hole in your pocket.  It’s not a bad impulse to spend money or be generous now. But as Venus creeps closer to Big Daddy Jupiter this week, I encourage you to use moderation.  This is the delicate balance of having faith in a generous cosmos, whether you’re rich, middle class or dirt poor, yet being wise enough to live within your means.  Let your means be a guide for your joy, not a guard.  You can find that happy point for sure, Taurus.