Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: On the day that Mercury stops his retrograde dance, Venus, your sign’s patron planet, sashays into one of Mercury’s house in Gemini.   (It makes me think that Mercury is singing this song to Venus.)  Now spring really is here, and this is the prefect time to shuffle up your calendar and keep things lively. It’s also a great time to learn a little more about something that gives you great pleasure, whether it’s cigars or citing scriptures.


#Heartstrings: With Venus finally leaving your sign for the land of Gemini, you might become a little more fickle than usual. But your fickle looks different than the fickle of say a Libra or Gemini. Your fickle means that you might complain express your dissatisfaction a little more than usual because you just can’t get comfortable enough. Or something or another is different than what it was the week before.  Don’t be too stodgy or demanding now because things are…different than you like them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single or coupled, stay open and you won’t lack for fun or finesse during this time.

#MoneyMoves: Hold off at the top of the week with making big moves as you’re not likely to be seeing the whole picture clearly.  You might exaggerate some of your feelings rather than doing your usual solid job of sticking to the facts.    In fact, it’s the facts that might be the problem, because those won’t be clear.  If you can hold off until after Wednesday, which happens to be a Mercury day, you can expect to make money decisions with your feet a little more firmly planted on the ground.