Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

As history would have it, the man most responsible for getting us to talk about the subconscious was a Taurus, Sigmund Freud.  As I said a few weeks ago, Taurus, as one of the signs of Venus, is a sign of desire and being desired.  So it only makes sense that it would be a Taurus who would get us to probe where our desires come from or what experiences and circumstances guide us from there. This week there’s a lot percolating behind the scenes in your subconscious. At the top of the week, you may feel more irritable and find it hard to feel comfortable. We know how upsetting that can be for you. But once Mercury hooks up with Uranus on Saturday (and the first full day of Taurus season!), you’ll start to get some clarity on what’s been bothering you for the last few weeks.  

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