Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: One of the telltale phrases for your sign that I like to use is inertia. Unfortunately, inertia has gotten a bad rep because of its Latin roots for describing something as “idle or lazy.” Fortunately, Sir Isaac Newton came up with a better notion of the word.  If you’ve been a force in motion, it’s going to be hard to slow you down. If you haven’t felt like budging from your comfort spot, um, you ain’t movin’.  This is mainly because the week starts with a face-off between Saturn and Sun in your area of the Zodiac Lounge that makes you tight and fearful about the stuff you can’t see or control.  Start with facing your fears first before you feel you need to have a showdown with anything or anyone who’s attempting to alter your flow.


#Heartstrings: You’ll feel less inclined toward the top of the week to “make” anything happen or be “made” to do something, so be clear and firm from the get-go. But being firm doesn’t mean that you can’t be open at some other point. I would recommend being more open toward the end of the week as the Moon gets cushy in your sign. In the interim, you can fully appreciate this moment by not leaping at the first good thing/opportunity/person that seems to come your way.  Of course, there are times “when you snooze, you lose.” But this doesn’t seem to be one of those times.  Your weekend plans will prompt you to seek out comfort and some creative spark of romance/pleasure, whether you’re solo or duo.

#MoneyMoves: Toward the middle of your week is gonna be this delicious impulse to blow off some steam with some money.  The impulse gets a green light from your patron planet, Venus, and the Moon desiring some light-hearted frivolity and play. But the beginning of your week could start off really tight, but end with you really loose and just wanting to be mellow…anyway. Perhaps too mellow and loose.  The impulse to want to loosen the pressure cooker doesn’t mean that you have to take the lid all the way off, to speak figuratively. So don’t react to the tightness you felt from the beginning of the week as the measure for how the whole week will go. You’ll feel easy enough eventually, so you don’t have to do anything extra to get there.