Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

#MeTime: Now that we’re firmly into the celestial time of the Bull, the spotlight is on you and that might have you feeling a bit uncomfortable.  You mostly like to stroll through life at your own pace without feeling that “the getting there,” wherever there is, is more important than the getting itself.  Now is a reminder that it’s not an either/or proposition, actually. Setting goals, even with deadlines, can be as tantalizing as enjoying the journey.  The next two weeks is to build up momentum toward a state of fulfillment. With the new moon in your sign still fresh, now is the time to commit to your fulfillment and the making things happen.


#Heartstrings: FYI: it might be hard to be with you after a New Moon in your sign and a looming Mercury-Uranus hook up in the background.  Let me break it down like this. For you, Mercury & Uranus together represent the partnership of a thief (Mercury) and revolutionary (Uranus), hiding out in a basement.  It doesn’t mean you’re both or either, per se, though.  You got a lot going on beneath the surface and though it may be hard for people around you to know for sure, without an investigation, they can smell the excitement and treasure around you. You, of course, aren’t giving anything away.  Sound frustrating? Then you are getting ¼ of what it may be like to be with you at the top of this week. Share a little bit of what’s going on in your head as the new moon gets older during the week to keep people from prying or projecting their own phantoms on to you.

#MoneyMoves: You could feel like your weekend should roll in as early as Wednesday and it may take time for you to be convinced otherwise. (Unless you’re in a muslim country where Wednesday is the weekend!) This means a few things. It means that you have to prioritize this week and do your most work-intensive tasks first and not procrastinate.  Second, you can plan the more relaxing and social aspects of your job or work toward the bottom of the week, so people can experience more your easy-breezy side.