Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

If this birthday season feels weird this year, I think that’s okay and partly to be expected.  If weird feels like you’re happy for another year of life, but you don’t really feel excited to do a lot or even like you’d rather celebrate your birthday later, then this lines up with the slow pour of constellational gruel that’s on tap. You can be patient, but I imagine you may feel unsettled and perhaps doubtful about how your desires are going to manifest or settle themselves. Don’t wallow in frustration about this, though. From Wednesday to the weekend, you have to be careful about feeling hemmed in, by anything or anyone. And note how I put that: it may be that no one’s doing anything to you, but you’re caught up in your frustrations and taking it out on them instead. Breathe often and take frequent breaks. 

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