Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

From “the outside,” it doesn’t look like you’re paying attention or you’re distracted. It’s not that you look particularly rushed or stressed, but it may be apparent to some around you that you’re not quite yourself. Now, from the inside track of astrology, it looks like you have a low-grade anxiety about either some unmet material needs or some issue that requires you to put yourself “out there” and state your needs plainly.  Keeping it so tightly in is what’s getting you in trouble. You know, your other half, Scorpio, is known as the secretive sign, but you’re as secretive or even more so. I’m not knocking secrets, but there are secrets and then there’s shying away from the truth for fear of being weak or vulnerable.  The truth, when you’re ready, will not only set you free, but might also get you what you want. 

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