Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: The week rolls in with the moon rolling into the seat across you at your table in the Zodiac Lounge, beaming her Scorpio enchanted eyes at you. This stirs a certain passion in your soul and casts sheen over your body that makes the world shimmy just for you, Taurus. You embody desire and the quality to be desired. Own it, work it and if you could bottle it, you’d be rich beyond your wildest dreams. You don’t have to find “it only in sexy things or sex. You can experience “it” almost anywhere. It is the pleasure of being alive and feeling that with your whole self.


#Heartstrings: With Mercury finally righting his winged cap in the sector of heaven that gets you connected to friends and associates, I see you finding some relief and release with a problem or some tension you’ve been having with them. Also, keep mindful of boundary issues this week, because you may not realize when you’re crossing lines. With Venus casting shade to Mars and Neptune now, it’s hard to be draw the line between a desire and a demand. Hint: one of these would either enlist permission or use a “please.”

#MoneyMoves: This isn’t the best week to make impulsive purchases; but if you have had plans to purchase things or to launch things before the middle of last month, then this might be an excellent week to go for these things. The secret is not to let your passions and love of delights get the best of you as it might be hard for you to know when to say when. It’s especially true as Goethe says, “He [or she] who loves pleasure must for pleasure fall.” Don’t fall for the okey-doke. Cheat with your pleasure while staying faithful to your main intentions.