Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: As the golden chariot of the Sun pulls ahead of the Cadillac of planets, Jupiter, it’s time for you to reflect on this build up of energy and anticipation you had before the meeting of two planets. Honestly, it might feel like a let down post mortem. Disappointment, like fulfillment, though is an illusion. Of course, you probably don’t want to hear anything like that right now, especially if you thought something bigger might happen.  I’ll tell you why I say this though: the bigger or smaller moments always change their size as time moves along. A big moment seems small in retrospect, and a small moment takes on far more significance.  But you can’t judge that in the moment, so be patient and appreciate what’s happened for what it is.


#Heartstrings: Venus going retrograde as well as the coping with some of the disappointment you’re processing from last week may spawn something I can only best term as disaffection. It’s where you have to rediscover how you have affinity with someone rather than assuming you’re connected based on past performance.  Best piece of advice I could give you for dealing with lovers, friends or even family you feel disaffected from is to shelve the phrases “You’re supposed to…” or “You normally…” from your vocabulary.  Venus is dancing her moves now and won’t be tied down to obligation or any kind of contracts that don’t make sense. So, literally, make sense. Touch, share, and talk about what’s happening now.

#MoneyMoves: Biggie may have said it best: Mo’ Money, Mo Problems.  It’s not the money that necessarily straightens out the problems in our lives. It’s usually our own relationship to the idea of abundance.  You might get money from the work you do. You might get money from the investments you make. Or the properties connected to you. But the source of that money is not those things. Your connection to Source is the source of your money and ability to perceive that is what directs everything else. I know that sounds all mystical and magical, and you just might want to know what Venus, Jupiter or somebody has to say about your money this week. But that is, ultimately, the message.  You’re in your “flow” now, and your money gets better when you remember where it comes from and it ain’t in anybody’s bank.