Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: I told you last week that your mind was working behind the scenes to surface some new points of direction for newer goals and intentions.  This week it comes from backstage as if you had been keeping it hostage or something.  You (and those around you) might be taken aback by how much you may want to talk about things and “process.” You might even find it hard to sleep or be comfortable. This “active” phase is to create as much intellectual buzz and energy to fuel the next phase of slightly altering  your life trajectory.  Take it in stride without attempting to drown it out with unnatural substances or activities, like endless electronic games, puzzles, or alcohol, that won’t inspire you toward greater levels of accomplishment.


#Heartstrings: For all of your groundedness and perseverance, you can be less practical when it comes to your heart. You like to share on two conditions usually: when you truly have it to give AND when someone inspires you to want provide for them unconditionally. Then you’ll open your treasure houses to share expecting the person will do the same. When that doesn’t happen, it usually prompts a deep-seated anger that’s on a slow boil.  And you might not even know it. How can you know? Check your generosity meter. If you feel less inclined to be generous with a significant person for no apparent reason, do a check in.  You don’t like to be caught holding the bag with generosity if it’s not reciprocal, so see if you can recall a particular incident or feeling where you felt things got lopsided.

#MoneyMoves: If you’ve had any experience in retail, then you know about the glories (not!) of inventory checks. Inventory checks are important, because you can’t move forward with new things if you have no idea what’s happened with unsold things that either have to be cleared out or returned to the merchandiser, if you can. Now is the time for your own personal inventory, and I mean in the full dimension of your resources—personally, possessions, energy, finances, and debts too.  (If you’re confused about how debt is a resource, about a mortgage. If it’s in good standing, it can be leverage to obtain other resources.) As you’re returning to the drawing board of your key intentions for the rest of the year, now is the time to rate and assess the areas above as to figure out what you’re going to buff up and what you can trim down.