Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

Sweet! The new moon in your sign this Thursday is also a solar eclipse. But maybe I should tell you the caveat that comes with all of that  before we all go out for chocolate cake or something. Solar eclipses are like shots of espresso—great if you want to be charged up. Sucky, if you don’t.  “Being charged up” might conjure bad memories for you. Think of a natural bull charged up, to get my drift. One of my favorite words to associate with your sign is copacetic.  Nobody really knows where that word came from (which makes it more awesome); but for you young bulls who don’t know, it means everything’s okay or fine. That’s great if things are truly fine. However, a few weeks ago, something might have popped up to let you know that everything was NOT fine. Now you have the might to make things copacetic.

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