Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Last week, I talked about how you were “realizing” some of the bounty of ideas that had been taking root in your mind.  This week you might wrestle with a residue of doubt that the realization process isn’t real or isn’t happening.  Imagine if we could describe to our embryo selves (while we were in our mama’s wombs) the world we live in now.  For the embryo, our world would sound insane and birthing might sound as unreal and unfathomable. Yet incrementally we go through the process of coming out of our wombs and into the world.   This process is no different for this next phase of grounding that’s happening.  Be patient and stay open.


#Heartstrings: Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a Taurus about Scorpios and belief. He was a bit baffled about why Scorps are so distrustful and struggle with believing in things.  I told him that it’s because somehow Scorpios, your partnership sign, learned that the world isn’t as it appears.  Often, as a Taurus, you delight in the world being exactly as it appears. This week, you might feel a little like a Scorpio.  You may find it hard to feel on solid ground with close ones because you might feel like the world is shifting under your feet.  You might harbor some mistrust and suspicions of your own, so stick to the facts rather than get caught up in the fantasies or conjecture.  This doesn’t mean that everything you perceive is false. It means that everything can’t be a clue unless you have clear evidence that there’s a crime or real mystery.  So tread easy until you truly know.

#MoneyMoves: Your patience with your newer ideas and plans will pay off this week, especially if you follow up with additional research.  One plus of your sleuthing now is that you can get at the bottom of things faster than usual.  You might also feel like your hunger for knowledge and clear “intel” borders on obsessive. This is great for work because you generally find it hard to move forward if the proper foundations haven’t been laid. So don’t be afraid to test and re-test.  No need to tell you to keep some ideas closer to your chest, but you can continue to convey the excitement you have about “new developments” to colleagues and friends. You definitely are gearing up to building a better bank for your ideas and perhaps for your actual finances as well.