Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: The doubts you’ve had about seeding new directions in your life could crystalize into a tightness and stiffness that’s resistant to change and transformation.  It’s probably baffling to know that you’ve been percolating with these new ideas to only build up a resistance to embracing and running forward with those ideas now.  Unless you think about it.  Your natural penchant is to “hold the line,” so it makes sense that you have to vet your ideas to make sure they’re really yours, to know that they can really hold the line like you.  Of course, we could say you’re just being stubborn now, but that’s not wholly accurate.  You’re stubborn because fear can make us all stiff, and there’s no thing alive that emerges whole without alternating between change & resistance. This is the resistance phase.


#Heartstrings: You may still find yourself reaching more for the letter of the law rather than appreciating the spirit of the law. You can trade out phrase “the law” for “love” and you’ll still get my drift for the last sentence. And some part of your attentiveness to the “letter” of things is mostly inspired by lethargy, to be honest. You’re not inspired to venture for the new…just yet…because you’re craving the comfort of details. Needless to say you could be headed for some friction with partners, homies, and other heartstring folks because you’ve become more of a stickler rather than a stand up kind of gal or guy.

#MoneyMoves: You might be a lot more concerned about the tally of your good and bad deeds than usual. Or you might live in fear or concern of some kind of reprisal or comeuppance for past offenses or transgressions. This might surface with unresolved lapses with bills, parking tickets or the net result of some reckless act from your distant and more youthful past.  Regardless, the lesson isn’t that your personal “chickens have come home to roost,” as Taurus Malcolm X once said.  (Actually, the punishments may not be that severe.)  The key thing to understand is that any reprisal is more likely to reflect how you’ve attempted to manage your fears than about you pissing off or on some karmic/cosmic/cultural principles or personage.  In many ways, your fears become your laws and have set up how you experience your punishment or private bouts of hell.  You are your jailor and your liberator.  Don’t be so severe of a judge of yourself that you focus more on your losses for transgressions than on moving forward with your blessings.