Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Between Venus and Saturn moving forward this week, it looks like your spell of resistance has finally been lifted and you’re ready to slowly and steadily lay a firmer foundation for a new pathway of achievement and accomplishment.  Perhaps the hardest thing this week will be either getting started or keeping up the momentum.  That’s different from feeling resistance, as was true last week. This will feel a little like the drag you feel when you start going up an incline, like you could just roll back at any moment. A week ago, you might have felt more inclined to stay on level ground.  Now you’re ready to go!


#Heartstrings: You might surprise a few people by how willing you are to make a challenging relationship work or to what lengths you’re willing to go to help a friend who’s in need or in a tough spot.  You’re mostly getting your game face on, and when that’s on, you’re generous enough to go to bat for others as well. You might be a little sluggish, either not arriving at the times you planned or agreed on. Or sometimes feeling a little zapped. But once you get to rockin’ in whatever you’re seeking to go in on, for pleasure or provision, you’re relentless.

#MoneyMoves: You have to be careful of overdoing a push to get things moving.  It’s just time, Taurus. And when it’s time, you also have to trust that if you’re moving when you’re supposed to, then the Cosmos will move in tune with you. If you don’t or can’t trust that, then you’re bound to step on someone’s toes.  This week is the 1st Quarter Moon, which is all about taking first steps with a new intention as symbolized by last week’s new moon. However, if you get too much into providing extra-insurance for something to happen; attempting to control every detail of what comes next; or tackling too much too soon, you’re going to risk having to reboot and reformulate this same intention at the next new moon. Save yourself the headache.