Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Indulge me for a sec.  Allow me to share my take on some of the changes you’re going through now. The upcoming Mars-Venus side-eye fest along with a lunar eclipse at the top of the week is an “ideation to fixation” phase for the next couple of weeks. It means that now you’re grounding (or fixating) in the material world, which includes your own body, much of the mental energy that you’ve been dealing with for the last few weeks.  It sounds really heady, but basically you’re trying to realize (or make real) some of the new ideas you have in your head. You can think of this as the moment when you attempt to work with an update to the operating software on your phone or computer. You can feel the changes and you’re excited, but you don’t know the details yet.


#Heartstrings: Passion and pleasure meld together with the upcoming Venus-Mars square off this week and usually that means that you start doing that thing you do, whether you’re single or hooked-up. You know, that slow moving way you can seduce with any part of your body and seemingly, without much effort, draw someone literally into you. Be sexy, but be careful of becoming also possessive.  Sometimes you don’t know whether you’re ready to devour your partner or dine with them. Err more on the side of dining and, um, no one will go hungry (or horny) if you know what I mean.

#MoneyMoves: You might feel like you’re ready to move forward on some ideas you have now, but I would proceed with caution. You’re still working on the alignment between the juice you’re getting to your batteries and the swirl of ideas and change you still feel formulating. On the ground, that looks like you feeling more excitement about a project and ready to implement it and all you got is a one-page proposal and perhaps a lead for some line-funding.  Feel the juice, share the excitement, but don’t act like everything is all set. That might take a few more months to feel like you have more traction to move forward.