Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Rushing a Taurean seems like an invitation to just slow them down more, as you probably well know. However, when y’all decide to rush yourselves, I get worried.  It almost seems unnatural, like watching chickens fly in formation.  It either means that you’re doing something you really don’t want to do or you’re doing something that you have to do with none of the loving care and attention that you love to give things.  Regardless, there could be calamity. Create space and comfort for yourself in some way without compromising your efforts. But if you can avoid rushing at all, please do so.


#Heartstrings: The best part of your stubbornness intransigence this week is that it could make you utterly predictable.  To some that word might as well have four letters in a society that craves and is driven by “excitement.” But if someone wants steady and true this week, you’re the guy or gal. It’s because you’re full of focus and force to make things happen for yourself. So, um, unfortunately, the most predictable place to find you is at work. MAKE time to give attention to those who warrant and are looking for it from you.  If you do not love what you do from the heart (and for those who are in your heart), why else are you doing it?

#MoneyMoves: Again, Olympiads are not the only ones going for the gold this summer.  If I had to frame an image of you and your pursuits this week, I think of a freshly-minted defending champion, which many Olympic athletes are in their respective countries and fields.  You’ve had a busy winter and spring as Jupiter finished his tour in your sign, and now here you are seeking to re-tool your goals and ambitions to do more.  You’ve barely had the time to relish your victories and accomplishments from the last few months or so.  So plan your vacation, with a clear time frame on when you’ll actually take it.  The Olympics only lasts weeks, but what you’re doing could continue through until the fall if you don’t figure out something different.