Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: I’m pretty sure that sometime between last week or this week, someone waved a “red” flag in your face for some reason and got you started. (For the record, in bullfighting, the color of the flag doesn’t matter for the bull.  The bull doesn’t care. It’s the waving and fluttering of the flag that gets on the bull’s nerves.)  Actually, I’m kind of glad you’re started up and perhaps you are too, though it’s a bit uncomfortable to be agitated I’m sure.  I’m glad because you’ll be able to keep up a little more momentum that gets you going forward with the ideas and plans you’ve been working on.


#Heartstrings: Be careful of all work and little time for play during this week.  It might be hard because you suddenly feel like you have more flashes of inspiration and you just want to make things happen now. But that doesn’t mean that your loveships—friendships and romantic relationships—go on pause.  Home and people who stir feelings of home can be a source of grounding and nurturing that ultimately makes the work you do now more sustainable (and enjoyable).  They’re not quite the polar opposites that they appear to be.

#MoneyMoves: Greed is tricky business, so be careful that you’re not being set up.  You’ve probably seen Gordon Gekko’s take on the benefits of greed, and many people feel that they’re too good for greed or can rise above it. Or greed doesn’t have any impact in relationships.  And that’s why greed is a slew-footed devil that will trip you up. “It” likes to brandish a few words that sucker you in so that you don’t even think you’re being greedy, like “deserving,” “blessings” or “doing it for [insert noble reason here].” It’s not that those impulses are false as much as remember this: greed is a lopsided monster with little balance or grace.  If you find yourself feeling more distant from your actual deserving, your blessings or noble reasons, like doing it for family, then you might have been tripped up by greed. With Jupiter and Venus, the planetary lovers of Good & Plenty, huddled together now, they form the core of your resources engine now. You have to be sure this doesn’t lead to gathering up more than you need or require.  This could be money, but it also could be any kind of resources—from affection to attention as well.