Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: This 1st quarter moon in Scorpio, your opposite or polarity sign, is comparable to a shift in gears for you in a stick shift car. You’re definitely about to shift into a higher and more powerful vibration, but it all depends, again, on how smoothly you make the transition.  Your desire to appreciate the goodness of life is what keeps you both grounded and able to be right on time even when the clock tells everybody you’re late.  Fortunately, there are enough times when the clock and you line up.  If your desire gets trumped by an insecurity to fit into somebody else’s box, then the shift you’re going to feel this week is gonna be “jerky” and abrupt. We don’t want that. So stay true to your desire.


#Heartstrings: The middle of the week finds the moon traveling through Scorpio for three days, so you could find it easy and delectable to spend time with someone fairly familiar to you or someone new with whom you feel completely comfortable.  You may not feel like making a lot of concessions, adjustments or innovations; but you could be coaxed into doing just that from someone whose love for you is as familiar and nurturing as your favorite worn out t-shirt or pj’s.

#MoneyMoves: The combined influence of the 1st quarter moon along with Mercury and the Sun in Leo put the spotlight on a few key things in your life now: your home/domestic life and honoring the pleasure of loving yourself. Or we could sum this up as the beauty of feeling comfortable in your own skin. It’s kinda sad to feel uneasy at home, and that can be a solid metaphor for how you relate to being “at home” with yourself. This is the time when you can pay attention to where you don’t feel quite at home in your own house or apartment.  If that’s so, you may find it easier to find the energy and momentum to change that now.